200 years - The history of the Jardin Nelson

Jardin Nelson- Garden

The Jardin Nelson is nestled in the heart of a 300 year old historic neighbourhood, a much visited place due to its charm and numerous attractions. Next to the establishment, place Jacques-Cartier, built in 1804, is on its own well worth the detour on a sunny afternoon!

The historic sector of Old Montreal has one of the largest collections of buildings dating from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries on the continent. The Maison Cartier, which was originally connected to the Nelson Hotel, today houses the Jardin Nelson. The Maison Cartier dates back to 1812 and is listed as a historic building that perfectly reflects the wealth of our heritage.

Jardin Nelson-Garden

The Jardin Nelson was named in honour of Dr. Wolfred Nelson, a patriot of the Rebellion of  1837 and the 9th mayor of Montreal.

Jardin Nelson - Old Montreal

Acquired in 1998 by Robert Ruel – whose Boîte à chansons Le Deux Pierrots ( has been a real attraction in Montreal for over 36 years. The Jardin Nelson is a historic property that was the object of remarkable restoration work which makes it a sought after place.



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